Studying: High School vs. College

Studying: High School exams vs. College exams

As you move from high school to college, one of the biggest challenges will be how different studying patterns for exams can be. The good news is that there is quite a larger overlap between high school and college than you may think. There are some significant differences, that if you prepare for mentally, will help you adjust to college much faster.

Preparing for exams and midterms

Tips on Preparing for your Exams and Midterms

For many students, exams and midterms are fast approaching. This article will give you 23 short tips on making sure you are ready and prepared for anything your teacher or professor throws at you during exam time.   1. Always start preparing early 2. Make sure your notes are up to date 3. It is…

10 Strategies to Ace Your Exams

10 Strategies To Ace Your Exams

Like many people, I frequently struggled with exams during my years as a student. I always wondered why some students always performed better than others. Over the years, I started to notice a common denominator between all the students who did well, and decided to create my own ‘list’ of things that those students always…